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Three Steamy Books to Buy Today

Good Morning and get ready to click the ‘Buy It Now’ button!

Three big books are coming out today by some of our favorite authors. Knowing you want to be up to date on the sitch, here’s the list:

 If Only by Cherise Sinclair
This is #8 in the Master of the Shadowlands series but I wouldn’t say you necessarily have to start at the beginning. In fact, I read the first in the series after I read 3 or 4 of them ( a strategy that was recommended to me by my writing partner, Rebecca Raines ). And I would advise you do the same. While you can read the books, including this one independently, I wouldn’t recommend it only because you’d be missing out on some of the best erotica out there. This series is panty melting, find-my-lover-or-vibrator-right-now fun. Definitely in my top 5 of all time. I can’t even talk about it because I don’t want to ruin it for you but, its yummy of the BDSM variety. This book follows Sally and the agents. YES! Rebecca and I have been looking forward to this book for a long time!

Aftershock by Sylvia Day
Ok… this one comes out Nov. 12th but do yourself a favor and go ahead and pre-order it now. This is part 2 of a novella series that started with Afterburn a few months ago. Afterburn was a quick read and we assume this one will be the same. I was amazed after the first one by how much emotion Sylvia could pack into this shorty (knowing that the Crossfire Novels are going to #4). The writing in this series is beautiful and really tight – packing a lot of punch in a short format. It’s definitely helping to curb my angst over Eva and Gideon from the Crossfire series (I need that last book! Like, now.)  Afterburn, and I will assume Aftershock, have some similarities to the Crossfire series, most notably featuring a relationship that rocks its characters to the core.

The Edge of Always by JA Redmerski
Sequel to Edge of Never which follows Camryn Bennet and Andrew Parrish after they’ve completed their cross country road trip that leads them to find what they had with them all along. I don’t even care what this book is about because I love the relationship between Camryn and Andrew. The first book was not the most erotic book I’ve ever read but, it had some definite yumminess. What I loved most what the way the two characters’ stories wove together how the details unfolded. I so pre-ordered this one.

So, happy reading! Let us know what you think of these three.


We’re All Abuzz About GiGi, Our Favorite Vibrator!

One of the best things about hot erotica going mainstream is that it’s given us all a common language to talk about sex more openly. So, let’s talk about one of the tools that makes our lives better: vibrators! You know all this reading and writing scorching hot erotica has Rebecca and I hot and bothered. While we’re both happily married, every married lady knows that vibrators can add spice to the action or can get the job done when hubby’s in the dog house… or asleep when you’re up reading one of the books from our upcoming series… beginning with Free to Leave.

We’ve each had a number of vibrators over the years. But, a trip last year to our local Hustler Hollywood seemed like destiny when we were introduced the new love of our lives: Gigi by Lelo.

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Over a hundred bucks for a vibrator? Yeah, that’s what we said. But as the very knowledgeable sales lady explained all the life- changing benefits of owning Gigi, the more our minds opened to the possibility of shelling out big bucks for her. And we’re damn glad we did. Can’t imagine life without her now.

Gigi is billed as a G spot vibrator. Neither Rebecca or I have ever been able to get a firm grasp on those mythical type of orgasms. I have to have clitoral stimulation or I’m not coming, plain and simple. While we’ve both played around with the G spot aspects of Gigi (she’s curved to hit the spot inside right on the money), my favorite thing is that she’s also curved in a way that makes it much easier and more comfortable to hold on my clit – especially while hubby is gyrating everything else around. Gigi has a broad flat head at the end with some curving on the edges. This makes hitting the right spot really easy – it has a large surface area to work with so you’re not always trying to maneuver to get it just right. Gigi is always just right. And totally delivers! Gigi is my go-to fun toy and never disappoints.

She’s easy to clean and doesn’t require batteries. Make sure to always keep her charged. She has like 8 different speeds and patterns. But, let’s be honest- we only use the fastest one. Gigi is the official vibrator of Contents-R-Hot and I’m sure of thousands of ladies everywhere. Trust us on this one. You won’t be sorry!

Have a toy recommendation for Jude, Rebecca and our readers? Email us at or tweet us @ContentsRHot

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