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Free Girls (Get your mind out of the gutter! Well – not all the way out of the gutter)

Don’t get us wrong, we love a hot-as-hell alpha male just as much as you do. But when we started talking about the kind of series we wanted to write, Rebecca and I realized we really wanted to focus on strong women. With that in mind, we created The Girls.

Maura, Rylie, Vanessa and Jana are the best friends any girl could ask for. Having met in college, they’ve grown up with each other and helped each other become the strong, complicated, vulnerable, genuine, loving people they are when we meet them in book one of the Free Girls Series, Free to Leave. Their love for each other is endearing and also fierce. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for one another. And that’s tested as each of the women face changes and life events none of them pictured in their fantasy filled vision boards.

Jana gets divorced, becoming a single mom. Rylie meets a man that changes everything she thought she knew about herself. All the women face challenges and adventures regarding their sexuality… but we don’t want to give it all away! So, be looking for Free to Leave by Jude Conli and Rebecca Raines in December. One thing’s for sure – The Girls are much more kick-ass because of their relationship with each other and throughout the series, we’ll see time and again how life with best friends makes everything better.


Writing With Kids

Writing erotica has its challenges. One of those challenges is finding time to write when you have kids in the “under-18” crowd. You almost HAVE to wait until they’re in bed to write some of the juicier scenes. A while back, I giddily exchanged a few tweets with one of our FAVE authors, CD Reiss, on this very topic. (insert girly squeal here- I’m a total fan geek over her!)

@CDReisswriter:  Every try writing erotica when the kids are up and roaming around the house? No? Well, then you’ve never experienced true stress.

@RRaines_Writer: Haha just stalking and saw this. So true!! And my kids can READ. Yikes!

@CDReisswriter: I got my 9YO sneaking up behind me after he’s supposed to be in bed. Kinda hard to let Jonathan lay down his business at that point.

@RRaines_Writer: Right! Mommy, What’s a …..?

@CDReisswriter: Why does he keep touching her cat? And they keep coming but where are they going?

@RRaines_Writer: omg I’m dying! Haha.

But seriously, even if your kids aren’t leaning over your shoulder trying to sneak a peak, it’s just a buzz kill to have their crappy cartoons blaring in the background or to interrupt a hot blow-job scene to referee a sibling argument.

Hey you writers…do you have a solution, other than becoming a night owl??

You’re Hot. We’re Hot. Our Contents R Hot!!

Welcome to our blog! We’re really happy and excited that you found us. “We” are Jude and Rebecca, best friends since college, and now writing partners…you can read more about us here. Please bear with us as we build our site. Photos and a blog roll are just a couple of the things we have in store over the next week or so!

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain

 This quote certainly speaks to how our writing adventure began. We had been talking about writing for at least a year, but almost joking. We share a passion for erotic fiction, and would often discuss books we had read. Often our response was, “We could do that!” This eventually turned into, “We SHOULD to that!”, and finally, “LET’S DO THAT!”

So we began tossing ideas back and forth. One thing we decided immediately was that we wanted our first books to have strong female characters that shared the same kind of amazing friendship that we do with each other and other strong women in our lives. That’s how Jana, Rylie, Maura and Vanessa were born, the main characters in The Girls series.

Explore– Wow. We have explored more about our own personal fantasies for book fodder, as well as exploring the technical side of writing, editing and publishing. We have learned so much!

 Dream– This whole journey started with a shared dream. Without dreaming big, neither of us would have ever written a sentence, let alone be well on our way to completing a 4-book series! One step in our journey will be realized when Free to Leave is published, scheduled for December 2013.

Discover– We’ve known each other for years, but you really learn so much more about another person when you enter into a creative and business relationship with them. We’ve discovered new ways of relating to each other- and that’s a good thing!

Again, thanks for stopping by.  You can expect future posts from us to include bits and pieces of all things erotic and sexy… excerpts from our books (of course), product reviews, sexy photos, and general writing updates from us both. Hope to see you back soon!

Leave a message- we love to meet new people!

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