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Author Interview on BDSM Book Reviews!

We are thrilled to be featured on BDSM Book Reviews today! It’s to celebrate the release of our first novel, Free to Leave.

Check out our author interview here. Thanks, Lady Lucretia!!

You can buy Free to Leave on Amazon or Smashwords.




Buy ‘Free to Leave’ NOW!!

It’s an exciting day for us at ContentsRHot…our dreams are finally realized with the release of our first book, Free to Leave.

We’d like to thank all of you, our readers, family, and friends who have traveled this journey with us.  Below are the links where you can buy Free to Leave on Amazon and Smashwords (other retailers pending).

If you read our book and like it, you could pay us no higher compliment than to leave a review on a retailer site or elsewhere such as Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter. Passing along the word to your reader friends would be great, too! We look forward to hearing what you think.



Free to Leave Cover Reveal!

Free To Leave Cover 12.17.13Just 4 days away! Free to Leave is coming out on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and more on December 21st. We’re so excited, we have to give you another sneak peek. So, here it is – the cover of Book One of the Free Girls Series. We will throw up the link to buy here (and twitter, fb) as soon as it’s available.

And So It Begins…Free To Leave Excerpt

Here is a bit from the prologue of our debut novel, Free to Leave… Jana is embarking on her post-divorce life.

I’ve played out this new life a million times in my head. All fantasies of an impossible someday. Some women I know would wilt under the pressure of having to start all over again. And I might too except for one fact. I have the best friends a girl could ever wish for. Most would consider themselves lucky to find one such “would-help-you-bury-a-body-then-take-you-to-Hawaii-to-drink-and-forget” BFF. I have three. They’re the ones who watched Jillian while Jake and I talked out the details of our divorce, took me shopping for “new you” clothes that didn’t reek of failed marriage, and sent me congratulations balloons the day my divorce was final.

Rylie, Vanessa and Maura have been and will always be my saving grace. Truthfully, they may even be part of the reason my marriage slowly circled the drain. In my heart of hearts I knew that Jake would not always be there for me. He doesn’t handle problems well – he’s not one to consider he has any responsibility for the challenges our marriage faced or that he had any power to change things. They say people reveal themselves in times of crisis. And whenever a crisis happened to me, or us, it was never a redeeming moment for Jake. It was always The Girls who picked me up.

I know I will never have a relationship that’s more important than the one I have with The Girls. No one knows how to cry harder, laugh louder, and have each others’ backs like the four of us do. They’re the reason I don’t feel the need to sit in my robe and blow snot into tear-drenched tissues every day. I did that for 48 hours. On the second day Rylie came over, and after trying to reason with me sweetly, literally shook me until I snapped out of it. Sometimes you just need someone to smack you across the face when you’re being a stupid whiny bitch. I’d do the same for them and they know it.

Now it’s time to get to it: Jana 2.0. It’s hard to know which direction to go when you thought, no matter how delusionaly, you’d be part of someone else’s forever.

Free to Leave is scheduled to be published December 21st on Amazon and other retailers.

Want to Meet Gideon Cross? (YES, PLEASE!!!)

Can’t get enough of his holy hotness Gideon Cross? Neither can we!!! We’d love to see Gideon and Eva’s story unfold on screen and it sounds like we’re going to get to do just that. LIONSGATE just optioned the rights to the Crossfire series. They’re kinda good at that stuff — you know since they’re the home of the Twilight and Hunger Games movies. According to, the property is in the early stages of development for television adaptation. That’s probably best. I know I’d like to enjoy Mr. Dark and Dangerous, Gideon Cross, in the privacy of my own home (wink, wink – am I right?).

No timeline has been announced for the TV project. Just like no release date has been set for the fourth and, allegedly final, book in the Crossfire series. We gave up on holding our breath for it since we were seconds away from passing out. But needless to say, our panties are still wet in anticipation. Please, Sylvia, we need more Gideon! We’ll aim to keep you informed as soon as more details are available about the TV project and the release of the conclusion of Gideon & Eva’s story in Captivated by You by one of favorite authors, Sylvia Day.
In case you just crawled out from under a rock, read the first three books while we wait for # 4:
Bared to You
Reflected in You
Entwined with You
You won’t be sorry. But, you definitely will be aroused!

Of course, this all begs the question: Who would you cast as Gideon and Eva? How about Cary or Eva’s parents? How about her co-workers? Let the dream casting begin with your comments below!

Holy Boobs, Batman: Buying a Corset

I bought my very first corset last weekend. I know, I’m a big girl now!

Getting fitted for one is definitely an experience. This is not an in-and-out kinda shopping trip. If you’re gonna do it, give yourself some time.

The saleslady at Frederick’s of Hollywood was a pro. Fun, polite and professional. She noticed me perusing the racks of corsets (on sale!) and asked if I had ever tried one on.

“Um, no. But I’m thinking about it.”

“Oh you should! They’re fun! Keep in mind that our styles go by your bra size, so if you need help finding one, just let me know.”

I grabbed a couple that I liked in what I thought was my size. The lady, let’s call her Gina, was back in a flash. “I’ll just go start a dressing room for you. Take your time.”

I browsed and picked up a few more things to try on, then headed back towards the dressing rooms. Well-lit. Door that lock. Lots of hooks. Padded bench for sitting. Niiice.

Gina said, “Since this is your first time, I really suggest you let me help you try it on. Are you comfortable with that?”

I nodded and Gina instructed me to “go get ready”…I assumed this meant take off my top and bra, so I did.

The corset was really loose at first, with two sets of laces up the back and a row of small hooks all down the front. I did up the hooks, then Gina really showed off her muscles as she cinched me up. Very tightly. So tightly, in fact, that I was hanging onto some of the garment hooks for balance. Good god, that was tight.

Gina frowns. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “This is way too big, girl. There’s no cleavage at all. I’ll be right back.”

So she brings me back a corset 2 sizes smaller than the one I had picked out (yea!!) and we do the whole thing over again, minus her fingers hooking me up. She pulls. I suck in. She ties. I hold on for dear life. She yanks. I adjust.

The whole time I am thinking, Please let this look sexier than it feels!

I turn around to look in the full-length mirror, and…wow. Holy boobs, Batman. My girls are perfectly showcased in black brocade, looking soft and high and inviting. They’re big to begin with, so the presentation is more than I’d hoped for. And my waist is carved into that hourglass figure I can’t quite achieve on my own. I can’t really breathe, but it looks fabulous. I love it.

Gina smiles and gives me time to admire myself, running my hands over my cleavage and torso. Her next suggestion is surprising but smart- “Now I’m going to leave. Take this off and put it back on again. We want to make sure you can do all the hooks, now that it’s been cinched. Remember to start at the bottom.”

This girl knows what she’s talking about. I ran into trouble once I got to my breasts. I ended up having to lay down on the bench in order to get the thing fastened. But it worked! I even found that after having had it on for so long, it was becoming less and less uncomfortable.

I was thrilled, and thanked Gina profusely. I walked out with my very first corset. And two bras. And some new fishnets. And a babydoll nighty. And some crotchless panties. But that’s another story.

You’re Hot. We’re Hot. Our Contents R Hot!!

Welcome to our blog! We’re really happy and excited that you found us. “We” are Jude and Rebecca, best friends since college, and now writing partners…you can read more about us here. Please bear with us as we build our site. Photos and a blog roll are just a couple of the things we have in store over the next week or so!

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain

 This quote certainly speaks to how our writing adventure began. We had been talking about writing for at least a year, but almost joking. We share a passion for erotic fiction, and would often discuss books we had read. Often our response was, “We could do that!” This eventually turned into, “We SHOULD to that!”, and finally, “LET’S DO THAT!”

So we began tossing ideas back and forth. One thing we decided immediately was that we wanted our first books to have strong female characters that shared the same kind of amazing friendship that we do with each other and other strong women in our lives. That’s how Jana, Rylie, Maura and Vanessa were born, the main characters in The Girls series.

Explore– Wow. We have explored more about our own personal fantasies for book fodder, as well as exploring the technical side of writing, editing and publishing. We have learned so much!

 Dream– This whole journey started with a shared dream. Without dreaming big, neither of us would have ever written a sentence, let alone be well on our way to completing a 4-book series! One step in our journey will be realized when Free to Leave is published, scheduled for December 2013.

Discover– We’ve known each other for years, but you really learn so much more about another person when you enter into a creative and business relationship with them. We’ve discovered new ways of relating to each other- and that’s a good thing!

Again, thanks for stopping by.  You can expect future posts from us to include bits and pieces of all things erotic and sexy… excerpts from our books (of course), product reviews, sexy photos, and general writing updates from us both. Hope to see you back soon!

Leave a message- we love to meet new people!

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