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We’re Featured Authors!

Today we’re featured on Danielle Austen’s blog! OMG- don’t you just love her blog header? Soooo HOT!

She did an amazing job…hop on over for a revealing interview about the types of sex we write about, our social media experiences, and celeb crushes. And more! There’s also a great excerpt from our novel, Free To Leave (Book One in The Free Girls Series), which is out on multiple platforms.

While you’re at Danielle’s blog, check out the links to her own books. This lady gets pretty kinky and HOT herself! Thanks, Danielle!


Links to buy Free To Leave, discounted for a SHORT time to only 99 cents on Amazon!!

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Author Interview on BDSM Book Reviews!

We are thrilled to be featured on BDSM Book Reviews today! It’s to celebrate the release of our first novel, Free to Leave.

Check out our author interview here. Thanks, Lady Lucretia!!

You can buy Free to Leave on Amazon or Smashwords.



Buy ‘Free to Leave’ NOW!!

It’s an exciting day for us at ContentsRHot…our dreams are finally realized with the release of our first book, Free to Leave.

We’d like to thank all of you, our readers, family, and friends who have traveled this journey with us.  Below are the links where you can buy Free to Leave on Amazon and Smashwords (other retailers pending).

If you read our book and like it, you could pay us no higher compliment than to leave a review on a retailer site or elsewhere such as Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter. Passing along the word to your reader friends would be great, too! We look forward to hearing what you think.



Steamy Excerpt from Free to Leave

Here’s one more excerpt from Free to Leave we wanted to share with you… a steamy scene from Club DV8…

Brad starts a figure eight rhythm on Maura’s ass, hitting one cheek, then the other with the flogger. Back and forth, back and forth. A nice rose color covers Maura’s backside. After a few cycles, Maura begins to grunt louder with each blow. It’s so hot to watch. I feel like I’m watching a sporting event live, as a very involved spectator. Maura is gorgeous. Sure, I’ve watched some porn before but this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed anything like this in real life. My brain is trying to process, but I’m trying to shut that voice in my head off and just watch. Maura’s yelling out each time the flogger hits her now. It sounds a little painful but it’s mostly a sound of pleasure.

He stops and says, “Since we’re demonstrating today, tell your friends how you’re feeling right now, Maura.”

“Hot. My ass is hot and it stings, but not very bad at all. It feels really good at the same time.” She’s smiling but we can’t see her eyes which makes me a little nervous. I don’t think she’d lie to us though. She’s too exposed.

“Very nice, Maura,” Brad commends her then takes the feather-ended implement and runs it lightly over the pinkened flesh. She hums appreciatively and he runs the feather in long strokes up and down her back. He lets it drop to graze the outside of her breast. Maura lets out a giggle. Obviously it tickles and the three of us find ourselves shimmying as if he’s doing it to us.

Without warning, he drops the flogger and swats her ass hard with his open hand. She cries out.

“Do you find my actions here funny, Maura?”

“No, sir.”

“Glad to hear that, this is a reminder. Count for me dear.”

Smack! “One.” Smack! “Two,” she yells. We are all on edge wondering how many there will be. Our hands are in fists. Brad keeps up the spanking.

After Maura’s voice cracks on “Five!”, Brad delivers one more swat. “Six,” she calls out and Brad begins to rub her butt all over with his palm. It looks like a firm but tender touch.

“What do you feel now, Maura? Tell your friends.”

“I’m on fire. Your hand is soothing but also brings the sting to the surface.”

“And what do you want, Maura?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Do you now?”

“Fuck yes”

“Not yet,” he replies and Maura’s body slumps a bit in obvious disappointment before he says, “Lay on the bed, face down, ass in the air, ready position.”

Free to Leave to scheduled to be published December 21 on Amazon and other retailers.

And So It Begins…Free To Leave Excerpt

Here is a bit from the prologue of our debut novel, Free to Leave… Jana is embarking on her post-divorce life.

I’ve played out this new life a million times in my head. All fantasies of an impossible someday. Some women I know would wilt under the pressure of having to start all over again. And I might too except for one fact. I have the best friends a girl could ever wish for. Most would consider themselves lucky to find one such “would-help-you-bury-a-body-then-take-you-to-Hawaii-to-drink-and-forget” BFF. I have three. They’re the ones who watched Jillian while Jake and I talked out the details of our divorce, took me shopping for “new you” clothes that didn’t reek of failed marriage, and sent me congratulations balloons the day my divorce was final.

Rylie, Vanessa and Maura have been and will always be my saving grace. Truthfully, they may even be part of the reason my marriage slowly circled the drain. In my heart of hearts I knew that Jake would not always be there for me. He doesn’t handle problems well – he’s not one to consider he has any responsibility for the challenges our marriage faced or that he had any power to change things. They say people reveal themselves in times of crisis. And whenever a crisis happened to me, or us, it was never a redeeming moment for Jake. It was always The Girls who picked me up.

I know I will never have a relationship that’s more important than the one I have with The Girls. No one knows how to cry harder, laugh louder, and have each others’ backs like the four of us do. They’re the reason I don’t feel the need to sit in my robe and blow snot into tear-drenched tissues every day. I did that for 48 hours. On the second day Rylie came over, and after trying to reason with me sweetly, literally shook me until I snapped out of it. Sometimes you just need someone to smack you across the face when you’re being a stupid whiny bitch. I’d do the same for them and they know it.

Now it’s time to get to it: Jana 2.0. It’s hard to know which direction to go when you thought, no matter how delusionaly, you’d be part of someone else’s forever.

Free to Leave is scheduled to be published December 21st on Amazon and other retailers.

Blog Hop: Hot Topics!

Jude and I are thrilled to be the last stop on an awesome author-filled blog hop. We were tagged by Mary Palmerin, an up and coming writer you don’t want to miss! Her first book, Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. It is an emotional story of secrets, fear, love and passion. It is getting incredible reviews and it is highly recommended!

Mary is the sweetest person ever and a fellow Midwest gal. I (Rebecca) have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past few months via Twitter. You will not meet a more supportive and encouraging fellow writer. Jude and I are so happy for her success! You rock!!

She sent us the following questions to answer about our lives as writers. Check out her answers to the same questions here.  While you’re visiting her blog, stay for a while and read some of her fabulous author interviews. Didn’t I tell you she was supportive? And once you read her book, I’m sure you’ll be back to her blog to read some of Lyla’s backstory. It’s really gripping. You can also follow Mary on Twitter @palmerin_mary.

Now on to our questions!

1. What are you working on right now?

We are busy, busy, busy! Our first book, Free to Leave, is in the final editing stages. We have received some great feedback from our beta readers and we’re making some minor changes based on that. Our anticipated publication date is December 21st, so we’re also working on some publicity. In addition, the first draft of book #2 in the Free Girl series, Free From Fear, is well underway. And of course we’re trying to keep up with our blog and Twitter!

2. How does it differ from other work in its genre?

Although our books are erotic romance novels, the stories feature the strong friendship shared by four amazing women- Jana, Rylie, Maura and Vanessa. Most books we have read focused on the romantic relationship between a man and a woman. We love that and think it’s great, and of course our books have some of that, too. But we also felt strongly that we wanted our characters and plot to be driven by something else, something maybe even more powerful- sisterhood.

3. Why do you write what you do?

Because we have dirty minds? That, and we’ve just always thought we could. So now we are! Nothing more profound than that.

4. How does your writing process work?

The Free Girls is slated to be a four-part series. After discussing what kind of books we wanted to write and getting an idea for the series, we sat down one weekend with butcher paper and post-it notes and sketched out the highlights of each book.  We did the same thing, only more detailed, for Free to Leave, then Jude got busy writing. We meet bi-weekly to hash out character development, plot inconsistencies, or other issues. During those meetings we also talk about blog posts and other promotional, “business” type stuff. In between meetings there are texts, emails and phone calls to discuss anything and everything– what if Jana did this? I think this would be great about mid-way through the book. I’m having trouble with fill-in-the-blank, etc.

One HUGE part of our writing process is Pinterest. The two of us share hidden boards where we pin things that inspire us. Right now each “Girl” has a dedicated board filled with clothing, things about her home, work and personality, and of course the type of man she goes after! We have found it really helpful having a visual reference when writing.

Once the first draft of Free to Leave was done, Rebecca did some heavy editing. Once Jude made corrections, the manuscript was off to the betas! For the second book in the series, our process will be the same only the major duties will be reversed.

Wine Shortage? Say It Ain’t So!!

We here at Contents R Hot have a long list of things we love. Wine sits somewhere in the top three.  Jude reaches for cabernet and Rebecca prefers cheap, white and sweet. So we were dismayed to read this article at, suggesting that wine may become in short supply in the not-so-distant future.

Wine relaxes, soothes, and fuels many a hot discussion. What are we to do?

Rebecca did a little research and is contemplating this alternative: RumChata. She dug up this praise for the rum cream on (along with some tasty-sounding recipes)–

Naomi Bean Says:                               March 29th, 2012 at 3:45 am                

Effing delicious! Take it from someone who’s been drinking horchata her whole life and is no stranger to rum; Rumchata is hands down the most satisfying and uniquely amazing beverage I have ever tasted. It’s sweet sexy rich taste smell and texture licks each of my senses and sends my mood instantly skyward. I work at a bar in a small far west subarb of Chicago and was recently introduced to Rumchata by co-workers and I am in LOVE<3 it has become my nightly ritual to have a glass of it on the rocks each night following my shift and its smoothe pleasurable cinnamon and vanilla sweetness is indescribable=) Mmm More Rumchata please!

Well, that sounds like an orgasm in a bottle! Think I’ll try some tonight- I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Holy Boobs, Batman: Buying a Corset

I bought my very first corset last weekend. I know, I’m a big girl now!

Getting fitted for one is definitely an experience. This is not an in-and-out kinda shopping trip. If you’re gonna do it, give yourself some time.

The saleslady at Frederick’s of Hollywood was a pro. Fun, polite and professional. She noticed me perusing the racks of corsets (on sale!) and asked if I had ever tried one on.

“Um, no. But I’m thinking about it.”

“Oh you should! They’re fun! Keep in mind that our styles go by your bra size, so if you need help finding one, just let me know.”

I grabbed a couple that I liked in what I thought was my size. The lady, let’s call her Gina, was back in a flash. “I’ll just go start a dressing room for you. Take your time.”

I browsed and picked up a few more things to try on, then headed back towards the dressing rooms. Well-lit. Door that lock. Lots of hooks. Padded bench for sitting. Niiice.

Gina said, “Since this is your first time, I really suggest you let me help you try it on. Are you comfortable with that?”

I nodded and Gina instructed me to “go get ready”…I assumed this meant take off my top and bra, so I did.

The corset was really loose at first, with two sets of laces up the back and a row of small hooks all down the front. I did up the hooks, then Gina really showed off her muscles as she cinched me up. Very tightly. So tightly, in fact, that I was hanging onto some of the garment hooks for balance. Good god, that was tight.

Gina frowns. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “This is way too big, girl. There’s no cleavage at all. I’ll be right back.”

So she brings me back a corset 2 sizes smaller than the one I had picked out (yea!!) and we do the whole thing over again, minus her fingers hooking me up. She pulls. I suck in. She ties. I hold on for dear life. She yanks. I adjust.

The whole time I am thinking, Please let this look sexier than it feels!

I turn around to look in the full-length mirror, and…wow. Holy boobs, Batman. My girls are perfectly showcased in black brocade, looking soft and high and inviting. They’re big to begin with, so the presentation is more than I’d hoped for. And my waist is carved into that hourglass figure I can’t quite achieve on my own. I can’t really breathe, but it looks fabulous. I love it.

Gina smiles and gives me time to admire myself, running my hands over my cleavage and torso. Her next suggestion is surprising but smart- “Now I’m going to leave. Take this off and put it back on again. We want to make sure you can do all the hooks, now that it’s been cinched. Remember to start at the bottom.”

This girl knows what she’s talking about. I ran into trouble once I got to my breasts. I ended up having to lay down on the bench in order to get the thing fastened. But it worked! I even found that after having had it on for so long, it was becoming less and less uncomfortable.

I was thrilled, and thanked Gina profusely. I walked out with my very first corset. And two bras. And some new fishnets. And a babydoll nighty. And some crotchless panties. But that’s another story.

“Free to Leave” Book Blurb!!

We’re so excited to bring you the synopsis for our first novel, “Free to Leave”. This book is the first in “The Free Girls” series, chronicling the sexual exploits of four best friends.


Jana never thought she’d be facing forever alone. But after her marriage dies a long, slow death at the hands of monotony, Jana is pushed into building a new life. Being a single mom and homeowner has its challenges but Jana hopes it’s all worth it. Bolstered by her three amazing best friends, The Girls, Jana discovers there’s much more to life than being vanilla. Vowing to never get trapped in a life laced with boredom again, Jana and The Girls delve into worlds she never knew existed but secretly always hoped she’d experience. With a sense of adventure and humor, Jana answers all the ‘what if’ questions that have been dancing in her head ever since she started reading all those erotica novels. She finds you don’t have to be a 20-something and stumble upon a rich, handsome megalomaniac to find that excitement you’ve always been looking for.
Warning: This erotic romance novel contains adult themes that might set your e-reader on fire, including, but not limited to: BDSM, lesbian encounters, obscenities, group sex and yes, a plot.
Mature audiences only.
Anticipated release: December 2013

Gorilla, Elephant, Whatever. Just Keep Singing!

Bruno Mars has a new release called “Gorilla”. Have you heard this? It’s hot.

It’s true, the imagery is a little different. Gorillas are not normally the first thing that come to mind when I think of raw, primal, screaming sex. But I admit, as long as the man keeps singing, he can fuck me like any animal he wants.

What do you think?

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